What is the Archon Universe? The Archon universe is a science fantasy world that explores the sub sequential effects that five major alien species have on the galaxy. The Sycrilliam-Dosh, Rysidians, Demors, Apaxians and Humans are the core races of the galaxy and together they function as a parliament overseeing the general management of laws, economy and stability of the galaxy. The galaxy in the Archon universe is split into sectors that are governed by one of the core alien races. Within each sector there are other aliens that fall under the jurisdiction of one of the parliament members. While each sector of the galaxy functions somewhat independently, they still fall under parliamentary law.



Humans are a sentient bipedal race of mammals found on Earth. Human physiology is complex as genetically they are the most adaptable of all alien races, but strangely their physiology does not reflect the diversity that their gene pool demonstrates.

The Sycrilliam-Dosh have come to understand that the Human genetic makeup functions at a slower rate than other races and instead works through a unique process dubbed continual generational evolution. This form of evolution is unique to humans as over generations, Human become genetically more advanced than other life forms. This form of development, naturally has its advantages and disadvantages. The most adherent adavantage is that there does not seem to be a limit as to what Humans can over time, adapt to. The Human ability to bond and manipulate Archon energy lies as a direct manifestation of the continual development gene and has catapulted their race towards an age of development at an unprecedented rate.

Nevertheless, the function of the gene has provided Humans with a clear disadvantage as opposed to other races. Research has shown that while more hardy races such as the Gornashians, Demors and to a lesser extent Rysidains have a less complex genetic makeup, they are more suited to harsh environmental conditions than humans. While Gornashians for example can operate unaided under the effects of a poisonous atmosphere, Humans on the other hand on a genetic level would seem to possess the ability to do so but unfortunately their ability to naturally adapt to harsh environments has shown to only take effect after generations of evolution. This is a key vulnerability of Humans as unlike other races, they find it difficult to settle on planets that have a different environmental composition of Earth. The vulnerability to naturally adapt to their environments was highlighted during the aftermath of the Mother Tongue Wars as Humans struggled immensely to cope with the conditions of a destroyed earth.


The military backbone of the galaxy the Demors are a highly honourable race, practising customs similar to medieval Humans. Standing at over 7 feet tall the Demors are the proud protectors of the galaxy sharing close relationships with the Apexians and Sycrillim Dosh. While the Demors used to have high hopes for the Humans valuing some of their of the older values such as the divine right to lead, after the Humans discovery of Archon energy, many Demors scorn humanity for trading their culture for technological supremacy.

The Demors have experienced a long standing feud with the Gornashians that has spanned multiple millenniums. The Demors detest the Gornashians as they have first hand experience with the complexities of their religion, and while they possessed the military and physiological advantage over the Gornashians they were unable to comprehend the sheer speed to which they could reproduce and eventually overwhelm their enemies. With their race facing potential extinction the Demors had no choice but to spark an alliance with the Scrylliam-Dosh, who with their far advanced technology was able to put an end to the Gornashians.



Arguably the most hated species in the galaxy, due to their extremely hostile and violent tendencies, Gornashians have had wars with nearly every race that populates the galaxy and would have won most of them had the Demors not overpowered them at every front. While Gornashians are not an extremely advanced species their unique biology that renders them completely immune to pain, regardless of whether it is external or internal allows Gornashians to easily overwhelm their enemies making most traditional weapons ineffective. The Gornashians home world is located in the XV 3 system and has undergone a drastic environmental change due to the outcomes of the Mother Tongue War, making it extremely hazardous and nearly unlivable for most species in the galaxy without proper equipment.



sneaky, deceitful and natural liars the Rysidians are the least trust worthy race of the galaxy willing to sacrifice the well being of any other species for money, greater technology or to simply ensure their own perseverance . Soon after the introduction of the galactic space portal the Rysidians, colonised a large moon orbiting Orion the planet closest to the galactic space portal. With easy access to the far reaches of the galaxy, the Rysidians have set up a robust espionage network -known as Filter- holding unprecedented value to them and to the rest of the galaxy. Filter has given the Rysidians exceptional leverage amongst the other races of the galaxy as with the black op knowledge they have of most species they could easily bring anyone to the knees.


A highly proud and regal race the watchers, were the first to achieve space flight and to propose setting up the United League of Intelligent Species. While Humans are perceived to be the most advanced species out of luck, the watchers on the other hand have wide respect from most species in the galaxy for being the most advanced race in their own right. Their home planet is Myrado located in XC4 system and has been described as a technological marvel by that race lucky enough to visit.


Having no aptitude for war or violence Apexians are a peace ferrying race that due to their brain make-up previously caused them to play the role of the galaxy’s peacekeepers before their extinction. Neglecting to create weapons or any form of defence network the Apexians have gained respect from almost every species in the galaxy as without their diplomatic and forgiving nature most species know the galaxy would be on the brink of war.